Garden of Orangery Kajetánka.

The Kajetánka Orangery with its new metal elements: gazebos, trellis and gate elegantly complement the imposing structure.

Gazebos, trellis and gate.

Already when you arrive in the garden, the first feelings are aroused, which can predict what you can expect. Beyond the entrance, which is formed by a hand-forged gate, the garden is dominated by a large and small gazebo, which are complemented by an elegant trellis. Together, these elements create a sense of harmony and luxury.

Design, production and assembly.

It was necessary to do a thorough job of production documentation to ensure fidelity to historical designs. All elements were made to measure with thorough quality control at every step, including painting and assembly. This meticulous approach ensures a high level of workmanship and total client satisfaction.

Production flow.

In the first phase, we redesigned the project and converted it into production documentation, where we evaluated all aspects of production and selected the most suitable process.

Parts formatted on CNC laser, CNC bending, MAG and TIG welding for invisibility of welded areas, wet painting with polyurethane paints. Each manufacturing process is accompanied by certain pitfalls that must be handled and evaluated appropriately.

Rererence from the customer.

The work on the Orangery Kajetánka Garden - a baroque spirit in the world of artificial intelligence, designed by Atelier Krejčiřík, was an extraordinary horticultural test for us. The creation of large metal gazebos with marble Roman mosaics is absolutely unique in the Czech Republic. STINN demonstrated superb craftsmanship and excellent coordination.