Hockey training locker room.

The ice rink in Kopřivnice is now complemented by a hockey shooting range, which allows players to practice shooting on goal.

Possibility to train even after training.

This modern hockey shooting gallery is a great addition to a standard hockey rink. Thanks to it, players have the opportunity to hone their shooting skills, practice different situations and improve their reaction skills, which is beneficial to improve their performance in matches.

Design, production, assembly.

The project work was the springboard for this implementation. We managed the entire realization from the design of the structure, through the processing of the statics of the original elements and the newly designed structure, the production of steel elements, the provision of polished concrete, the installation of plastic parts and plexiglass, to the processing of documents for the building authority and approval.

Easy integration.

We designed the modern hockey arena to be easily integrated with the existing ice rink and to serve the players in one place. We designed the complete implementation with maximum emphasis on increased movement of children and safety, both inside the rink and in the auditorium.

This innovation is a great benefit for the Kopřivnice ice rink for both players and fans.

Rererence from the customer.

Hockey club Kopřivnice z.s.

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