Garden sculpture.

An artistic element for creative garden beautification

A work of art for the garden.

The garden sculpture has an aesthetic function and can be placed in different parts of the garden. It forms a dominant element of the garden and in combination with the backlighting the garden looks magical even at night. The view of the garden sculpture evokes different emotions and impressions in every visitor.

Assignment and production process.

For this realization, the investor presented us with his idea and asked us to produce it. Before production, the entire production process was evaluated and we committed to meeting all the required parameters. During production we combined bending, pressing, forging, welding, grinding and last but not least sandblasting.

Production process.

By combining them, we achieved shapes that approximately matched the desired appearance. During assembly, each part was individually aligned and shaped using pressing.

Once the production was complete, we put the finishing touches on the piece by carefully fine-tuning the small details using abrasive tools. Every detail is extremely important to us, so we take the time to give it the attention it deserves.

Rererence from the customer.

Martin Zuštík - investor

STINN made a sculpture that exceeded our expectations. We were also satisfied with the price. The sculpture is complete with lighting and not only helps to create our space, but also looks good in its surroundings. The approach and work of the company is highly appreciated.