Urban furniture.

For the town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm we have implemented the coverage of the payment machine.

CORTEN in harmony with nature.

In this realization we have complied with the requirement to create a non-invasive appearance that blends in with nature and becomes a complement to the Wallachian open-air museum. A bench and a trash bin located in the immediate vicinity are also an integral part of the design.

Design and construction work.

For this project, we also designed the design of individual elements so that the style of the adjacent Wallachian Open Air Museum and Wallachian Open Air Museum would not be disturbed. The design work included appropriate material selection, construction calculations and the creation of production documentation.

Fencing and welding.

We reinforced the individual elements with bends. The bends have been used to achieve a smooth rounding of the edges that elegantly complement the whole, which is dominated by sharp shapes.

During welding, we also ensured the uniformity of the elements. We designed the weld joints so that they were not visible anywhere. To achieve the perfect look, we combined different welding techniques.

Rererence from the customer.

We have been cooperating with STINN for three years now and we are extremely satisfied with our cooperation. Among other things, they have implemented for us the covering of the payment machine at the Wallachian Open Air Museum. On the basis of our further requirements, they modified the entire construction with anti-theft security. They respond immediately to requests and always offer tailor-made solutions.